Ora de engleza

Cat dureaza o sedinta de engleza?

O ora sau 2 ore, in functie de disponibilitatile de timp ale elevului.

Cu cate persoane voi fi in grupa?

SINGUR! Consider ca cel mai bine este ca pregatirea sa aiba loc cu un singur elev, in ritmul sau, atentia fiind concentrata numai asupra lui. In cazul in care este vorba de doua persoane, aceasta va fi alegerea lor cu conditia sa fie la un nivel apropiat.

Cum se desfasoara sedinta de engleza?

Structura sedintei de engleza

La final, sper eu, terminam sedinta de meditatii cu neuronii partial terminati si cu zambetul pe buze!

Cat de repede pot invata engleza?

Aceasta este o intrebare la care nu se poate raspunde la prima sedinta. Depinde de fiecare elev, de cat de mult timp dedica englezei, de nivelul la care isi doreste sa ajunga si de capacitatea intelectuala. Un raspuns concret poate fi oferit dupa aproximativ 3 sedinte in care se observa ritmul in care se “prinde” engleza.

Ai dat telefon, la ce te astepti in continuare?

Cum ar trebui sa se desfasoare o ora de engleza astfel incat sa impaci toate detaliile: gramatica, vocabular, conversatie si scris? In filmuletul de mai jos veti gasi detalii despre pasii initiali ai meditatiilor.

Ai vrea sa vezi cum se aplica in practica? Da un telefon, stabileste o sedinta de meditatii. Ti se vor oferi detalii legate de nivelul tau de engleza si vei avea la dispozitie un model de lectie. Prima sedinta este de testare si este oferita ca mostra. Mai pe scurt: Prima sedinta este gratuita! Contacteaza-ma!

6 comments on “Ora de engleza

  1. look..i really liked what u typed above..m kind of teaching too..exactly the same way as u said..(sorry if i use here net language not properly written)..well my problem is….i have a pupil that comes for classes for 3 years now..he became better then me lol..but…he still wants to come ‘cose he just wana speak.practise his english with someone..so i …errrr…i don’t have any more topics for him..i ended all of them…i really mean all of them…school, hobbies…(i can make a list here of hundred topics)so i was wondering..maybe u can help…what shall i talk about..gimme some ideeas pls and ill be grateful somehow…the pupil is 18 by the way…he s good at gram…thanks a lot…well m not sure u ll reply or not….ty for reading this anyway

  2. Hello. I must say that I am amazed by your English level.. Probably I expected a different way of expressing as coming from a Teacher. If the student is better than you, that’s not good. If I were in your shoes I would have done something to improve myself:) There are so many books that you could try, books with plenty of texts that you can read together and talk about. The Internet is a huge database. Try some books online.

    I strongly believe that in three years of teaching you cannot say that you have covered everything. I have a student who has been coming to my classes for 5 years. That’s not something he should be proud of because he takes very long breaks and forgets many things. But trust me, this has forced me to always find new books for him to improve his vocabulary ( he is also here for conversation) and always revise the grammar. If he didn’t take such long breaks, he would actually get somewhere.

    Good luck and try online materials! And secondly- you should start learning more, get ahead of your pupil!

  3. ok.this time i shall write properly…thank you for replying me Petruta…im not a real teacher…i mean i do teach over 15 years now,but i never went to an university or something to become a teacher…i have 20 kids different levels and ages that are coming each day to my place for english…i love english…and i’m hardly trying to make them love it too,not to be learnt only because their parents said so..i did find a lot of materials online but…seems not to be enough..they are getting bored so fast,i really need to find something exciting to speak about…(i was wondering if you could send me some links)and i also try to mix grammar into it..not having only gramm boring classes so they get sick of tenses or adjectives or so…ok…you are a darling because you find time to reply me,have a great day.you said you were amazed by my english level,yayyyyy am i that bad?

  4. Your English is not that bad.. still. I would honestly dislike pointing out your mistakes here..:) It seems mean of me. I do not want to be unreasonable but I created this page to help students of English not teachers. I do offer resources but not as much as sharing my “secrets” to other teachers:)

    Enjoy the net! It offers endless opportunities and come back to this page from time to time as I will publish some resources according to the demand. Good luck!

  5. The billingual tests vary from one highschool to another. What I recommend you to work on are FCE tests- First Certificate- from Cambridge University. What I have seen until now at the admission in billingual highschool are exercises from the English in Use part from the FCE Exam, tenses exercises and rephrasing exercises that focus on passive voice, indirect speech and conditional sentences.

    Here are examples of tests from George Cosbuc highschool: http://www.cosbucbilingv.ro/admitere.php?opt=admitere_clasa_IX

    Look at the bottom of the page.

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